Project Management to the Max

Project Management to the Max

I like running my own little show. By that, I’m not just talking about freelancing as an instructor. I’m also referring to all the other logistics in life– it’s like one big project that you have to manage. John hates handling details, and I’m not saying I love having OCD all the time, but on some occasions, I really feel a sense of accomplishment when items get crossed off the list.

So John’s in the US on business. I admit, I emailed him a to do list. Come on, how often is one of us in the US? You gotta maximize, right? Certainly, I didn’t want to bog him down with stupid errands here and there, so I just gave him the biggies– like check on the townhouse, deposit checks. The rest I did behind the scenes. I ordered stuff on Ebay, purchased books from Amazon (things I can’t get here), and sent him back with my broken CD/DVD drive. So basically, he just had to receive the stuff being shipped to his office. This whole operation is going pretty well. It also helps that he went back with an extra bag crammed inside his suitcase. He’s gonna need it. But hey, it’s not just for my stuff. Supposedly, our household will see a new set of speakers after this trip. He’s also picking up some goodies for our friends: cosmetics, Levi’s, Golden Grahams, Comet cleaner (I know, can you imagine the fanatic who wants that? And it isn’t me!). The culture here is all about gifts.

Let’s see, what else is getting checked off? Our taxes, our next batch of forwarded mail, software…. On this end, I’ve set up Chinese lessons for John. He starts soon after his return. He said he could understand bits and pieces of a conversation he overheard between two Chinese women on the plane. That made him excited to start learning again.

I’m counting the days till he gets back. This project management stuff’s been fun and its nice not having to share the bed and blanket, but I miss my Bubs. Time for him to come home.

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