Return of the Cold

Return of the Cold

We thought we were outta the woods. We thought wrong. Big time. These last several days, we’ve seen nothing but wind, rain, and cold. So even though the dogs want to stay outside forever in their new playground, John and I cut their freedom short. It’s that damn cold. And I lost my hat again. The second one I’ve lost. I think I need one with strings to tie to my body. Otherwise, they just disappear. The last thing I remember is taking it off and holding it in my hand. I tried to search for another at the store, but they’ve already shifted their merchandise to spring stuff (baseball caps and such).

My uncle took us out to lunch yesterday at the swanky Dynasty restaurant. Of course anytime we eat out Chinese with people who know what to order, the meal turns out to be a real winner. We had several hot veggie appetizers followed by fish, shrimp, crab, noodles and a buffet of fresh fruit and coffee (but you had to elbow your way to the table). Excellent meal. I kept the receipt itemizing each dish for future visits. We’re in on the secret now…

In the evening, John and I went to Carrefour to buy the place out–again. This new apartment didn’t offer the luxury of an equipped kitchen (as the previous apartment did), so we were forced to purchase a rice cooker, pots/pans, bowls, etc. But no worries. No elaborate sets (like we had in the US). Just exactly two bowls, two plates… you get the picture. Well okay, we did get that blender/juicer combo (for only $30 USD)… we just couldn’t pass up on the idea of drinking fruit smoothies every day, especially with the fruit/veggie open-air market down the street. It’s John’s birthday tomorrow… just give in, ok?

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