Post Christmas

Post Christmas

Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. We had a good time, though not the usual Christmas. Things started off early, with a trip to the hair salon downstairs. Took the grandparents with us to get a shampoo (which included a 30-minute upper body massage). 25 kuai. So good. The salon also offers foot massages, body massages and other spa services. John and I will be checking all of this out soon.

In the evening, we took my grandparent out to the Zen Cantonese restaurant on the fifth floor of the Grand Gateway Plaza in downtown Xujiahui. Had a nice multi-course holiday dinner with shrimp and fruit salad, fish fin soup, pigeon, cao mei fun, fish, asparagus, and mango pudding. The place filled up quickly. Fortunatley, we arrived early. We were even treated to some live piano music. All in all, a nice feast but John definitely missed his mom’s Christmas ham.

My grandparents are enjoying their time in Shanghai. Many of the major road names seem to bring back ome fond memories from their youth. Riding around town in the taxi, Nai always has a new story of who she knew and where they lived and the backroads she’d take to visit them. Every morning, my grandfather gets up early and walks around our block. By the time John and I wake up, there’s always some new breakfast food Yeb’s discovered. The other day John mentioned that he missed the old egg pancakes we used to get outside the Howard Johnson’s. This morning, Yeb got us those pancakes–he found a vendor nearby making them.

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