Shanghai Residents Now

Shanghai Residents Now

This morning, we met the landlord bright and early to get the keys. Two pairs of four. It’s top security here… one to get to the elevator, one for the outer storm door, one for the inner door. And the keys are all different styles and shapes too. You can’t just run to the hardware store and get a duplicate. So I’d better be extra careful not to lose mine.

In the afternoon, I called the vet to arrange for Remy and Martin’s release from puppy prison. She mentioned that if we wanted to follow pet rules by the book, we’d have to get them licensed which involved getting your neighbors and complex to sign off… Yikes! 1) we already signed the lease… what if the dogs couldn’t stay? 2) Our complex has 18 stories… I might have to get all the residents to sign off. We went into the real estate agent’s office and I was a bit panicked. My agent escorted us to the police station and he asked around until we got to the correct person. Fortunately, for the foreigner’s dog license, you don’t have to get neighbors to sign off. Being a foreigner sure has its perks. Yipee!!! And since the year is almost over, I don’t have to get them licensed until January. Yay, the pups are coming home. And my agent rocks!

In the evening, John and I checked out the supermarket nearby. It has all sorts of stuff including Lay’s potato chips and Chips Ahoy. There’s a lot of food but unless there’s a picture and some English, we have no idea of the contents. We’ll have to run some random tests or just wait until Saturday when my grandparents will come to Shanghai.

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